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My journey to being a spiritual teacher began when I was in high school and I decided I wanted to become a psychologist. I was always the person in my class listening to and advising people in need. I seemed to have a logical mind and was apparently good at sharing it. Maybe it was natural for me to be like this, or perhaps it was how I was raised, but true to my word I enrolled in a psychology course at university and have been studying and working with the human mind ever since.

Once I began working as a psychologist, I decided it was time to start an exercise program. After speaking to some friends, I began kung fu lessons at a local center. It was at this center I was introduced to the idea of chi and life-force energy. This was my first taste of spirituality and I wanted to know more, so I researched everything I could about spirituality, meditation, and mindfulness and combined this acquired knowledge within my own journey of self-awareness. I went on silent meditation retreats and spent hour upon hour in quiet contemplation about myself and life.

It was during this time a friend introduced me to a Zen teacher who discussed the idea of enlightenment.  By practicing a lot of meditation and contemplating his teachings, I had my first awakening experience. I woke up to myself—my true self that is. I discovered there was an awareness or spirit part of me (and everyone) that is always present, witnessing my body, emotions, and thoughts and possessing an innate wisdom. Not only that, but living from this part of myself resulted in a peaceful life.

This experience left me forever changed, but also left me disconnected from my emotional states. My emotional life consisted of minor happy times and minor sad times, but I mostly abided in the neutral. After a few years of being in the neutral state  I had another profound realization: I was a master at attempting to control my emotions, and this “mastery” prevented me from feeling the full emotional spectrum. It was a habit begun in childhood and compounded by what I had learned in my job and my initial awakening. That is when I began a new phase: having an emotional life as well as a logical life to encompass living my truth. I understood logic had a part to play as a useful tool to in my life, yet it was also limiting when it disconnected me from my true self.

The second phase of my journey lead to many emotionally painful but also pleasurable experiences. I searched deeper within and really got to know myself. I traveled all over the world and met spiritual teachers in many disciplines, all in the name of understanding my true self and how to live from that state of being.

It was during this time I started a side job as a spiritual teacher. People had begun seeking me out to ask spiritual questions—not just psychological ones—because they wanted to find themselves and their unique path. It was through a combination of learning and teaching (both psychology and spirituality) that I ultimately developed a clearer picture of my true self and how it was guiding me to live. I had finally woken up to myself. Until then, my logical mind had governed my journey, but now I was able to understand my emotions and respect how they motivated me toward my deepest satisfaction and connection with my truest desires—the desires of my true self.

My teachings are not religious in nature, but are based upon spirituality, which I understand as the nature of reality itself. While I continue to learn and connect to my true self on deeper levels, it is from my discoveries as a truth seeker, spiritual teacher, and psychologist that I share my wisdom which I see as a guide to being human. My hope is that my teachings will guide you to discovering your true self, and help you live from the state of peace and contentment that comes with this.


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